Something new, each week we’ll be releasing a blog to show you what’s going on with the Chain Net Apparel brand, coaching, thoughts on old school vs new school, basketball culture, light-hearted rants and many other topics also including occasional articles from our customers. These will be short written articles for now but be on the lookout for video content in the future.

The hard bit will be committing but we feel this is important so look out for an article every Monday (excluding the upcoming Christmas break) which will feature information you may not be able to catch on social media.

This is just to tell you what’s coming but while you’re here, here’s a quick update. You may already know but what was Chain Net Apparel is now Chain Net Apparel CIC. This means we are a registered Community Interest Company. Our goal has always been to increase basketball participation which up until now has been slow (imho) due to us funding from our own pocket however we are in a better position to apply for funding to turn our brand goals into a reality.

One last thing, always bear in mind if you’re reading an article with regards to sessions, events, basketball courts or the brand it is always for the greater good.