It didn’t feel any different from any other week but on reflection last week was a busy one with a few extra side missions.

You may have seen recently a Giveaway we’re running with Project Swish for a free Wilson Project Swish ball & Chain Net tee. Some of the Media Team at Portsmouth University came down to Orchard Park and got some footage & videos to use for the promo but the main reason for us meeting was to film a segment for the University news show ‘This Is Portsmouth’

We covered some of the same topics as the Nothing But Chain Net doc but I was still really pleased and what was amazing this time round was the footage made it to their news show. I didn’t know too much about it but it was really humbling to have a group of people I’ve never met, talk about Chain Net Apparel. You can watch the video here – This Is Portsmouth

If you didn’t know I coach the Solent University Mens 2nd Team and we had tough game last Wednesday. We were up against a well organised Cardiff Met Archers 1st team who have an offensive machine who can score inside & out and pull 3s comfortably with a hand in his face. He put up a lot of points but we made him work for every single one but what was more impressive on the other side of the court is for the first time this year we were putting up points in bunches. A huge W in the end for us and we’re hoping this game gives us more momentum going into the second half of the season.

On Friday of last week I had amazing opportunity to do some filming with Hyypa & the University of Portsmouth Men’s & Women’s teams. The objective was to deliver a home workout that could be completed by adults with ADHD to help increase their focus in their normal day-to-day lives, this meant choosing the drills & rep ranges carefully and then instructing the athletes on how to complete. Really looking forward to the end result.

To close out the week I took my Under 10 to their 3rd tournament. It’s amazing how much information their brains retain and month on month we’re getting better. These kids have now entered competitive basketball which is great but I am always conscious that it is currently more important for them to have fun. I am looking forward to seeing what these Guys potentially look like at Under 12.

Photo credits:

Solent – IG @r.j.m21

Hyypa – IG @horizonviedography

This Is Portsmouth – IG @luketv