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Craig Hughes – Founder

Born in the ’80s, fell in love with basketball & hip-hop in the ’90s.

Chain Net Apparel was established in 2018 to showcase the beauty of basketball and the positive impact it can have on a players life from the playing on the streets right to the bright lights of playing pro ball.

A little bit about me:

• Favourite NBA team – New York Knicks
• Level 2 Qualified Basketball Coach
• I’m all for pineapple on pizza

Some of the inspirations behind Chain Net Apparel:

• 90’s NBA (Uniforms, All-Star Weekend, Music Videos, Trading Cards, Kicks, Hairstyles, NBA Jam, NBA Live ’95, Slam Dunk Newspaper, SLAM Magazine)
• 90’s Hip Hop
• White Men Can’t Jump
• Yo MTV Raps
• Spike Lee Joints
• Above The Rim

Then of course there are chain nets. More common on outdoor courts back in the day, however you can still find these hanging from hoops all over the world. Some prefer the sound of a chain net over classic nylon but whatever your preference chain nets complement the aesthetic of a basketball court and this is a side of basketball I am striving to show you.

For more on brand accomplishments check the About Us page.


Ashley Hamilton – Forward (Brand Rep)

It’s always been a work in progress to work with some of the top pros in the UK however it had to be the right fit for both Chain Net Apparel and the Athlete.

On speaking to Ashley for several months whether it be about Basketball or just life we both thought it made sense to link up and try and push things forward.

It’s genuinely a real honour and pleasure to have Ashley’s support, one of the main reasons we felt this would work was that we both want to see and be part of improving Basketball in the UK.

Currently a Forward for Plymouth Raiders, Ashley has had stints in Italy, Ukraine, Greece & Spain. Also if you’re from the UK and you’re reading you can also feel some pride knowing that Ashley also represents Team GB.

One of the most popular players in the BBL and a regular in the All-Star 5, respect to Ash for what he has done, what he currently does and what he will continue to do.


Melita Emanuel-Carr – Guard (Brand Rep)

A huge power move for Chain Net Apparel was Melita Emanuel-Carr agreeing to become one of the brands representatives.
If you follow basketball in the UK Melita needs no introduction. A silver medalist for the England Team that competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Founder of Stop The Violence Clinics and recent key signing for WBBL team the Gloucester City Queens where she has already made an impact. Melita continues to grind to overcome a serious ACL injury and what has impressed and inspired me about her is the drive to keep pushing no matter what hardships she is presented with.
Melita is looking to make an impact on & off the court which resonates with Chain Net Apparel so the team up was an obvious choice.

Shout Outs

Rich Harper

Close friends for 30+ years I honestly can’t thank Rich enough for not only building the website but also keeping it ticking over when there are technical problems. Something I really wanted to get away from was taking payments through DM, Rich offered to help and took care of everything from making sure the site was compatible on all devices to customers receiving confirmation e-mails after a purchase.

Tom Hall

Tom a super Creative who has played a big part in bolstering the branding for Chain Net Apparel. We grew up playing hoops together so Tom understands the old school and exactly what it is Chain Net Apparel is trying to achieve. Most of the designs Tom has put together have unsurprisingly sold out, his designs include the 1st & 2nd Anniversary tees, the 2 The Hoop tee (currently pending) the Chain Net logo and last but not least the Black Curriculum tee (see the About page for more)

Charley Rose

I showed Charley a small handful of images to give her an idea of the type of thing I was looking for and from there she ran with it and knew exactly what to do. We have met at some courts in Portsmouth to take photos and Charley has been amazing at capturing the essence of Chain Net Apparel through the lens.

There are so many people to thank who have helped the brand along the way, in particular my family & friends who have encouraged me to keep pushing.

Shout out to Music Producer and Loud Thought who has provided instrumentals to some of our social media ads. Both beats I can have on loop all day everyday.

Respect to Videographer Lex Hanley who has produced a couple of Chain Net ads and knows the brand vibes, check the latest video on IG/Facebook with how well he captured the essence. His work can be found here www.solidcoast.com

Everyone who kept me sane during the Orchard Park Project and everyone who reached out to help volunteer on the launch. Refs, Scorers Table, DJ’s, Natty’s Jerk, Stewards. It was a day I’ll never forget and owe it all to you Guys.

When we say our interest is promoting UK basketball we mean it, which means it doesn’t have to come from us it just needs to happen. There are a lot of lanes being filled by people trying to grow the game in this country and if raising the profile of hoops is truly the goal then we have to work together. Respect to those who have collaborated to help Chain Net Apparel.

As always I want to thank anyone who has offered support no matter how small. This could be interacting through social media, buying products, telling your friends about the brand, leaving reviews etc. None of this goes unnoticed so at every opportunity, I’d like to pass on my thanks.

To say thank you doesn’t feel like enough so just know I will never forget your gestures. It is through the groups of people mentioned above why Chain Net Apparel has been able to get to the point it is at today.



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